Alain Moueix’s commitment

Alain Moueix, a fully qualified agricultural engineer and oenologist, is the great-grandson of Jean and Adèle Moueix, who bought Château Fonroque in 1931.

At the period of the 2001 vintage, he was entrusted with the management of this estate by the GFA of Château Fonroque, a family property owned by Mr and Mrs J.A. Curat (his aunt and uncle) and Mr J.J. Moueix (his father).

To breathe some new life into this property of 20 hectares, Alain Moueix implemented every possible measure to find the initial vibes of this place, to establish a link between the estate as it was at the time of his grandparents and today.

His motivations took into consideration the protection of the environment, the durability of the soils and an aim to bring out the very finest expression of the terroir, as well as the intensity and balance of the wines.

Major reorganisations then accompanied the conversion to certified organic and biodynamic vine growing methods.

Painstaking work was carried out, based on attentive observation of the vineyard.  Balance, provided by the structure of the soils, gives vibrant wines endowed with fine balance and powerful complexity.  

Alain Moueix senses and understands his land; he lives with it daily, respects it and is heedful of its needs, season after season: "It is important to be on the spot, out in the vineyard, on a daily basis, to learn how to fully interpret its reactions; otherwise a "cold", unproductive relationship is formed....".

For nearly ten years now, Alain Moueix and his team have been reaping the fruits of a substantial investment and the demanding methods created by biodynamic viticulture.  The wines of Château Fonroque are amongst Saint-Emilion's finest.


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